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Somnath Temple

Dwarkadhish Temple

Ambaji Temple

Akshardham Temple

Good to know things about Gujarat Temple Dharshan

Dress Modestly

When visiting Gujarat temples, it is best to dress modestly and conservatively. Many temples have a clothing rule that requires guests to cover their shoulders and knees. Respect for the sacred space is demonstrated by dressing modestly and respectfully.

Footwear and Head Covering

It is traditional to remove your shoes before entering the temple grounds. Visitors to most temples can leave their shoes in designated locations or racks. Furthermore, covering your head is a gesture of respect at many temples, so bring a scarf or handkerchief to cover your head.

Photography and Mobile Phones

Always check to see if photography is permitted within the shrine. Photography may be prohibited in numerous areas, particularly in the inner sanctums. It is critical to follow the rules and maintain the temple's integrity. Additionally, to create a tranquil environment, it is normal to keep mobile phones on silent mode or turn them off.

Respect Temple Customs and Rituals

Keep in mind the temple's ongoing rites and customs. During prayer and worship, maintain a peaceful and focused demeanour. Take cues from other devotees and temple workers, and ask advice if you are unsure about any specific ceremonies or processes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the name of the temple of Shiva in Gujarat?
The Somanath temple (IAST: somantha), also known as Deo Patan, is a Hindu temple at Prabhas Patan, Veraval, Gujarat, India. It is one of the holiest pilgrimage locations for Hindus and the first of Shiva’s twelve jyotirlinga shrines.
Which God is famous in Gujarat?

Much of Gujarati culture is influenced by the mythology surrounding the Hindu deity Krishna (an incarnation of the divinity Vishnu), as told in the Puranas, a type of Hindu holy literature.

Why is Gujarat so famous?
It is well-known for its beaches, temple towns, and historic capital cities. Gujarat has given us wildlife sanctuaries, highland getaways, and natural beauty. Sculpture, handicrafts, arts, and festivals contribute to the state’s wealth.
Which temple is in water in Gujarat?

The Submerging Temple, also known as Stambheshwar Mahadev Temple, is located near Kavi Kamboi, Baroda, Gujarat. This temple was built 150 years ago. This ancient Shiva temple sits between the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Cambay.

Which is oldest temple in Gujarat?

The ancient Gop temple is thought to be the oldest surviving stone temple in Saurashtra, Gujarat. Burgess estimated in 1876 that it was no later than the sixth century. According to Sankalia, the temple dates from the 5th century, but no earlier than the Uparkot caves of Junagadh, based on the Kahu-Jo-Darro stupa of Mirpurkhas.

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