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Good to know things about Japan

Cultural Etiquette

A bow is used in the traditional Japanese greeting as a symbol of respect. The depth of the bow varies according to the situation and the people involved.

Public Transportation Punctuality

The regularity of Japanese public transport, including trains and buses, is well-known. It is critical to arrive on time because schedules are tightly enforced. Check the schedule and make your plans appropriately.

Cash is King

While credit cards are becoming more frequently accepted, particularly in urban areas, many places, particularly smaller establishments and rural areas, still prefer cash.

Seasonal Considerations

Japan has distinct seasons, and the climate can vary greatly. When planning your journey, keep the weather in mind. Spring (March to May) is known for its cherry blossoms, whilst autumn (September to November) has stunning autumn leaves.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Japan expensive for Indian tourists?
Japan is a modestly priced travel destination, but there are methods to save money and travel on a budget. Flights, lodging, transportation, food, and activities are the most expensive aspects of a trip to Japan.
Is Japan visa free for Indian?

Is a Japanese visa required for Indians? Yes, Indian nationals require a visa to enter Japan. A Japan visa is sometimes known as a short-term visa. This visa permits you to enter the country for sightseeing, family or friend visits, or conference attendance.

Is the food expensive in Japan?
The cost of food in Japan varies based on the type of meal, location, and establishment. In general, dining out and grocery shopping in Japan can be more expensive than in other nations due to the high cost of imported foods and limited land availability for domestic agriculture.
What is the best currency to use in Japan?

Japan is mostly a cash-based society. The Yen is the Japanese currency. You might have trouble using credit and debit cards issued outside of Japan.

Which month is best to visit Japan?

If you’re not planning on hitting the slopes, the months of March to May and September to November are typically regarded as the finest periods to visit the country for good weather.

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