What is the difference between Travel and Tourism?​

Are you interested in traveling or Do you like to explore yourself on a tour? 

People often confuse themselves by believing that travel and tourism are the same.

There is a  slight difference between the word travel and tourism. Travel means to travel from one place to another for a purpose that can be personal or professional depending on the traveler’s needs. But travel is completely based on transportation from one point to another destination.

The difference between travel and tourism lies in the type of travel that you are planning to go for! not all travel comes under tourism, travel is just a part of tourism which means only moving from one place to another place. Recognizing the differentiation between travel and tourism enables you to plan for your future vacation.

What does the term “TRAVEL” mean?

Travel generally represents an act of moving from one area or destination to another location. It holds a wide meaning that it is similar to business travel, personal reasons, or leisure.

Traveling may include various types of transportation, such as cycling, bike, train, bus, Airlines, and using other transports.

The basic intention of a traveler is to travel more and know the world better to engage with the culture, relish the different foods from various cuisines, and explore the hidden gems behind the mysteries.

What are the types of Travel?

  • Domestic Travel
  • International Travel
  • Leisure Travel

Domestic Travel

It means that travel within the same country. would you be interested in exploring your own nation India and its heritage throughout the trip? It is called Domestic travel package.

International Travel

Traveling from one country to another country is referred to as international travel packages, it is made through flights and cruises and it may require a passport and in many cases, a visa.

Leisure Travel

Recreational helps people to enjoy their free time with their personal spending time with themselves, couples, friends, and family. Its main purpose is to travel for mental peace, relaxation, and enjoyment.

What does the term “TOURISM” mean?

Tourism belongs to the social, cultural, and Business purposes of travel that encompasses the tourist connection with other refreshing activities that provide a break from your usual activities and work. This includes visiting tourist attractions, participating in recreational events, and staying in comfortable accommodations which contribute to personal rejuvenation and play a significant role in shaping tourist itineraries and plans.

What are the types of Tourism?

  • Cultural Tourism
  • Sports Tourism
  • Medical Tourism
  • Adventurous Tourism
  • Eco-Tourism

Cultural Tourism

It motivates people to travel for cultural engagement such as arts development, educational tours, performing, and participating in cultural activities. Additionally Sightseeing at monuments and ancient living places also remains archeological strength.

Sports Tourism

Sports tourism refers commonly to participating in an event or observing a sporting event. This includes tournaments gaming by exploring new experiences while seeing other sportspersons. It will connect a person both mentally and physically indulging strength and concentrating power back.

Medical Tourism

This type of travel is called medical research tourism and healthcare tourism. Most researchers will participate in the medical conference to present and test their findings. Medical professionals from various specialties come to provide services to those in need.

Adventurous Tourism

Adventurous travel means that travelers find themselves by exploring new places by encountering a certain level of risk. Some of the Adventurous travel are Mountain climbing, Paragliding, Sky diving, Camping at high-risk places etc. 


It is a form of tourism that promotes the protection of the natural environment often referred to as responsible travel or tourism. It aims to conserve local plants and the lives of wild animals. While encouraging tourists to Blend with the natural and cultural environment.


Travel and tourism are dynamic and multifaceted industries. enriching the personal well-being of individuals through relaxation and adventurous activities. To ensure a hassle-free travel experience contact GOED Travels for perfect itineraries and 24/7 customer support.

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