Top 10 tips that make your Honeymoon trip more memorable

Of course, everyone loves the word “honeymoon,”  a most awaited moment of every loveable newly married couple. This dream trip consists of many exciting moments, and the couples spend some time sharing their romantic time by exploring different countries or locations they have dreamt of in their lifetime. Even though we all keep traveling as a part of our daily activities. However, we call a honeymoon trip the very first travel experience of newly wedded couples.  Here we can see some of the ideas and tips to make your honeymoon a delightful vacation. This travel tip is very useful for people who are waiting for their Honeymoon days.

Top tips for your Delightful Honeymoon Vacations

If you are planning for a luxurious international trip or a domestic budget-friendly tour package is not a matter but proper planning and execution do matter to the entire trip. And the tips enable you to wanderlust the specialized areas in a set time frame.

  1. Make your dream plan together
  2. Ensure your honeymoon plans fit around your budget
  3. Point out your travel itinerary
  4. Choose the right accommodation
  5. Packing tips

Make your dream plan together

Do you know there is no better suggestion than discussing with your partner for honeymoon packages from Chennai. Take some time to plan your honeymoon together and make a list of what your partner looking for,  it will enlarge your understanding of each other and will allow you both to make decisions after marriage life for the first time in your life. If your partner is an adventurous lover and you are a nature lover, then you can choose forest and hillside tourism by fulfilling your both needs.

Ensure your honeymoon plans fit around your budget

Calculating your budget is more important than choosing your destination because if the budget is not calculated properly it may affect the happiness and comfort of the trip what matters most is how we are enjoying the wonderful lifetime moment gratefully as much needed. It is not only about cost preference but also about how we are enjoying the trip effectively. 

Keep your budget list by sorting out end-to-end flight charges, Accommodation, food, sightseeing, local transportation, and other expenditures including shopping, souvenirs, and any photoshoots if you have any further ideas it may preplan them to make your honeymoon a memorable experience.

Consider the following plan for your budget calculations

  • Transport (Flights, cruises, trains, buses)
  • Accommodation (Hotels, resorts)
  • Food ( includes breakfast, Lunch, dinner, snacks, and beverages)
  • Sightseeing (To visit the place and its fees and other expenses)
  • Local transportation (Taxi, if you wish to roam around the city in a cost-effective way you can opt for public transport)
  • Other expenses (you always keep some amount of money for added safety and unforeseen costs)

Point out your travel itinerary

Search on the internet regarding the destination information that you have chosen, then read advice and guidance from the travel advisors. Considering the season in which you plan to travel for your International honeymoon packages from Chennai is crucial to stay updated on weather conditions so you may keep on alert and pack accordingly to meet your needs.

Tourists commonly looking to discover specific locations and hidden gems behind the spots, consider how many days and nights you are willing to spend in that desired destination. Reaching the destination is not a big deal but how you are spending and exploring what matters. Most of the pairs ask to cover a lot of tourist attractions.

Points to remember before customizing your honeymoon itinerary

  • Sightseeing – Check the weather before starting your journey and adjust the timing based on the visiting hours to ensure the right time to experience the tourist attractions.
  • Activities –  Sort out the activities and games based on your interest and fitness level, this helps you save time by involving you in some other activities.
  • Romantic dinner – Take some quality time to spend a peaceful romantic dinner together 
  • Shopping – Make sure to exchange your currency based on the country you have chosen, and convert your local cash into dollars before your journey days help you to have a hassle-free tourism.
  • Pack your luggage – Pack your luggage that meets all your specific needs on your whole trip and check that the weight of the luggage is within the allowed limits for cabin or check-in.

Choose the right accommodation

Accommodation plays a vital role in the travel destination, More than all being active, maintaining peace of mind, rejuvenating, and feeling comfortable helps to make our dream destination experience a delightful experience. There are various types of staying accommodations available for the traveler’s expectations from luxurious hotels to resorts.

Look into the below idea before choosing an accommodation

  • Choosing rooms by view of tourist spots makes us feel more engaged with the destination.
  • Building Design (pillar speaks – every single thing matters for our overall tour experience )
  • Allocated Room ( features that include room heaters, kitchen, and other amenities that you all need)
  • Resorts swimming pool, and other amenities outdoor games.
  • Breakfast and other complementary beverages.
  • Emergency requirements(nearby hospital added advantage).   
  • Honeymoon specialized arrangements and games.

Packing tips

There is always a person who packs essentials, and it will help to carry them everywhere. Here I am going to share some packing ideas for your travel checklist for over-packers and it may help to remind the light packers too.

  • Always carry a small backpack or handbag to keep all your crucial belongings such as passport, visa, flight ticket, travel insurance, and identity proofs.
  • Carry photographs, and other important doc photocopies.
  • Keep yourself sunscreen, and mosquito repellent.
  • Don’t forget to take your mobile charger, power bank, headphones, digital camera, and other necessary gadgets.
  • Pack efficiently using the 5 – 4- 3- 2-1 packing method.
  • Tops and bottoms, pullovers, shoes, flip-flops, sunglasses, belts, socks, and hats.
  • Always choose the dresses based on the destination (ex: beach flared dresses, hills – tight pullovers)


Every chapter of life reveals a fresh page and we hope that the above-mentioned honeymoon tips will help to enhance your travel experience, Plan your favorite honeymoon destinations with GOED Travels –  your reliable travel partner.  We are here to assist you in customizing your itinerary for all of the stages of your journey. Ensuring that every moment of GOED travels becomes extraordinary.

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